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Photographed by @cashkev

" p/ave is derived of five looks, fifteen garments, and five designers. Together, p/ave is dedicated to ‘paving” a way for customers seeking the unconventional in their day-to-day garments. With modern takes on fabric choices, colours, personalized graphics and styles, p/ave sets itself a diverse and expressive future in menswear fashion. "

Quoted by, Artist's Note.

| Drawing inspiration from the brand name, p/ave. The font choice and slash symbol was incorporated to signify the minimalistic take of the collection.

| P/AVE broke professional dress conventions with a modern take on tailored garments. This collection imagines a man working late in his tight cubicle space, leading in a rush to catch the last-minute party with his coworkers. As he leaves the party, he finds himself taking the jackets of a stranger. This collection looks to showcase the unorthodox vision, drawing inspiration from the modern working man to reinterpret menswear pieces. We look to provide men with the flexibility to choose what professionalism means to them - and with our dedication to innovation and quality, we strive to change and disrupt the norm.