OON [ S/S 2021 ]

"Julie's capstone collection 'loll' is a ready-to-wear luxurious menswear s/s 2021 collection. Although categorized as menswear, these garments are not confined to gender. The collection includes timeless, all-round functional, luxurious clothes. The collection fuses minimalistic design details and masculine silhouettes while experimenting with sustainable fabric choices. Its comfortable, sensible, thoughtfully functional pieces are closet essentials.Inspired by women and men in power, Julie designs with the intent to innovate and incorporate both masculine and feminine elements to challenge the concept of duality and differences."

Quoted by, Ryerson Fashion.

'loll' logo design
'loll' photoshoot

Photographed by @cashkev


The goal was to achieve a symbol that speaks to the masculine silhouette of the garments. Combining both the plasticity and structured nature of, loll. I wanted to design a logo that carries weight with a soft touch. The fluidity of the organic shape spoke to that concept as a whole.

Photographed by @cashkev


The logo design is a direct inspiration of the collection that resulted in a cohesive marriage of creative design of different mediums.

Videography by @filipn_